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They Call Me The Sniper

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Sunday, February 16th, 2003
4:40 pm - Oh wow!
Sorry that i havent update this thing, just um ive been busy, and moved out. I and my wife havent been getting along very well..and i thought i would get away from her and move in Simon for awhile. lol, oh god. Let me tell you Simon is Very weird but yet he keeps me amussed =D

The other day i caught him talking to his dryer? in french..lol, i didnt know what he was saying but okay.But now that he will be out for a couple of weeks, I will have to look out for him and take care of him as if he was one of my own kids. *hugs Simon*

Maybe I could talk Simon in getting one of theses things, sine he will have nothing to do.

*pets Simon*

Yesterday we tied 2-2 with the canes, and we are second in our division. Our next game is Tuesday at home playing the Devils.

Now off to go make Dinner for Simon and I.

current mood: hungry

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Sunday, January 26th, 2003
2:16 am - Finally
Well I got around to it and made me a Screen Name it is FlyersSniper97, go and add me :]

I will update tomorrow, what happen since my last post.Its been really crazy here in philly. And i need one of my teammates to get one of theses.

current mood: blank

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Friday, January 17th, 2003
1:34 am - Happy Birthday to me! and my first journal posting
*sighs* I can't believe it!, that we lost to the Atlanta Thrashers with a score of 7-4. Well Im tired we have another game tomorrow we play the Rangers.

Today is my b-day, what a great way for a birthday celebration eh?

I promise to write more tomorrow, cause as of right now im in pissy mood.

current mood: bitchy

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